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Jerry Teixeira

Welcome to Body Weight Strength

Proven methods to help you get into fantastic shape WITHOUT the gym

What Is The BWS Community?

We’re a global fitness community built to help you get into fantastic shape WITHOUT the gym. 

The community's run by me — Jerry Teixeira — a former Marine, husband and Dad who went from fat... to fit... after years of struggling with an unhealthy lifestyle. 

I've helped dozens of clients 1-on-1...

And this community is a way for me to help even more people get in shape. 

We'll do this by applying time-tested strength training principles to minimalist exercises you can do at home... that build long-lasting strength... and improve your health. 

That means we emphasize bodyweight exercises like push-ups, squats and pull-ups.

The result?

You'll build strength and avoid injuries... while transforming the way you look in the mirror. 

Who Should Join The BWS Community?

The community is for:

  • People who want to cancel their expensive gym membership and train at home

  • Beginners who’ve never followed a strength training program… or seen results in the gym… and are ready to try a simple, effective alternative

  • Folks who want to spend LESS time working out… and more time enjoying life

And intermediate-to-advanced lifters who want to try minimalist workouts (we have bodyweight-only and bodyweight + dumbbell workouts).

What You'll Find Inside The BWS Community


You’ll find articles and training videos for everything from exercise to nutrition.  

And we’re adding new content every week. 


I host group calls once a month for all members. 

This is a great way for members to get to know each other and get all their questions answered. 


When you join the BWS community, you'll get instant access to three training programs for beginner and intermediate trainees (we’ll have at least five by the end of 2022).

Some of these programs will be sold outside the community for at least $20 each, but they're all included in your membership. 

What Makes BWS Different

I know we’re not the only fitness community out there... 

And joining an online community can feel like a big decision. 

There are all sorts of communities that support different diets (Paleo, vegan, etc) and training goals (bodybuilding, powerlifting, etc). 

My goal is to make this a fun, supportive community for anyone who wants to live a long, healthy life without spending hours in the gym. 

Plus you'll have instant access to everything you need. 

If you ever get stuck, I’m always available to answer questions and I’ll usually get back to you within 24 hours.


If You Still Have Questions...

Q. Who Should NOT Join The BWS Community?

If you’re a hardcore gym bro who likes to barbell squat, bench press and deadlift, that’s totally cool. But the community won’t be a good fit. 

Also, if you’re not going to do the workouts I’m going to suggest you don’t join. 

I don’t expect you to workout 7 days a week, but I do hope that you’ll make the effort to exercise and eat healthy meals (we even have a 2-day a week program for busy people, so there’s no excuse). 


Q. What Happens After I Pay? 

The community is hosted on the Mighty Networks platform. 

You'll get a confirmation email after you pay. 

Make sure you follow the instructions and create your Mighty Networks account right away.

Then you’ll be able to access the community on your desktop, tablet or mobile app. 


Q. What If I Want To Cancel My Membership? 

You’re free to cancel any time, so there's zero risk.


Q. Do You Offer Any Guarantees? 

I guarantee I'll do everything I can to help you get in shape. 

But I can’t do the exercises for you, do your grocery shopping or force you to go to bed on time. 

That’s all up to you.

Ready To Get Started?

Click the bright red Choose or Choose Plan buttons on this page.

(Subscribe annually to save 39% off the full-year price!)

If you still have any questions, send me a direct message on Twitter:


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